FUNEREALITY sign to Horror Pain Gore Death; “Bloodsucking Freaks” set for release on February 25th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has perverse Swedish masters of Death/Doom Funereality and will release the album “Bloodsucking Freak” on February 25th 2014 as a Digital Album. This release is available exclusively via the HPGD Bandcamp site and is up now for pre-order for only $6.66 at .  Below is the official description:

Funereality is a one-man Death Metal band from the south of Sweden (Landskrona, SKÅNE). “Bloodsucking Freak” is a compilation of the first two EP’s, Funeral For A Fuck from 2010 and Leeches from 2012. This is raw, old school Death Metal that relies heavily on the filthy and fucked up sounds of Chris Reifert and company. A natural fit for Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, we are proud to offer this digital only release to the masses. For fans of Autopsy, Abscess, Impetigo, Murder Squad, The Ravenous, Doomed, Anatomia, Transgressor, Coffins, Dismember and other sick, twisted freaks!

 You can pre-order this Digital Album for only $6.66 at

Listen to the track “Master Of The Foul Arts” at

1. Funeral For A Fuck
2. Master Of The Foul Arts
3. Bloodsucking Freak
4. Leeches
5. A Grave Vacancy
6. Goregeous
7. Think Twice (Poison Idea)
8. Hidden Bonus Track

HPGD Official Website:
HPGD on BandCamp:
HPGD on Facebook:
HPGD on Twitter:!/hpgd666
HPGD on YouTube:



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